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Main Page >> News >> ADL Embedded Solutions Joins PC/104 Consortium As Executive Level Member

ADL Embedded Solutions Joins PC/104 Consortium As Executive Level Member

February 25, 2014 – ADL Embedded Solutions, a leading provider of customizable, high-performance embedded solutions for demanding thermal and rugged environments joins PC/104 Consortium as Executive Level Member. The PC/104 Consortium was established in February 1992 by 12 companies with a common vision of adapting desktop computer technology for embedded applications. This consortium has had a tremendous, positive effect on the embedded computer marketplace. The initial release of the PC/104 specification in March of 1992 was an open design offering the power and flexibility of an IBM compatible personal computer in a size ideally suited for embedding. Simple and elegant in design, small but rugged in performance, PC/104 technology bridged the successes of the past with the promises of future innovations.

As a technical organization the PC/104 Consortium creates, maintains and distributes specifications supporting the PC/104 form factor. The specifications include PC/104, PC/104-Plus, PCI-104, EBX and EPIC. The PC/104 Consortium continues to review new specifications through there Adopt-A-Spec process in order to ensure they are adopting new technologies in support of existing platforms.

ADL Embedded Solutions has been a leader in the PC/104 embedded space for a number of years now.  In particular, our high performance SBCs based on 2nd and 4th generation Intel Core processors are unparalleled in the industry.  We’ve also made significant strides to broaden our portfolio of low power Atom SBCs, long-life PSUs, and systems.  Most of this success is derived from the PC/104 form factor and its ability to change as technologies have evolved, thus allowing us to continue to provide cutting-edge solutions for our customers.  We’re very pleased to be joining the PC/104 Consortium board of directors to take a more active role in maintaining and promoting not only our success, but that of our PC/104 Consortium members.” according to Peter Engels, President and CEO of ADL Embedded Solutions.

“ADL Embedded Solutions has been firmly committed to the embedded market space since 1994. I am delighted to have them join the Consortium at the Executive level, as their involvement will help shape the future of the Consortium moving forward.” said PC/104 Consortium Executive Director, Jeff Milde.