ATLANTIS Industrial Systems Все для компьютерной автоматизации —  от промышленных контроллеров до комплексных систем АСУ ТП
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About company

ATLANTIS Industrial Systems was founded in 1997 and recently became one of the leading Ukrainian distributors and developers of hardware and software for industrial automation. Company core team works together since 1990.

ATLANTIS headquarter is situated in Dnepropetrovsk – second biggest city and first industrial megapolis of Ukraine.

Main direction of company business is the delivery of IPC hardware, including embedded and distributed components for data acquisition and control, power sources, communication means (all for harsh environment conditions) as well as various auxiliary equipment and software for computer automation and control.

In order to meet the requirements of automation market aiming to the best «price/quality» ratio, ATLANTIS had signed and executed series of Distributor agreements with prominent manufacturers (see PARTNERS page), which complement each other in creation the necessary wideness of product range.

All the manufacturers of products which presented possess the ISO 9001 certificate.

We try our best to combine the leading edge solutions of the best world manufacturers with own research and analysis of real automation systems in demand.

We are rendering the effective on-line support and active assistance in choosing the proper equipment and adequate design solutions to meet the customer's needs.

The groups of high-skilled software developers work out and implement the solutions for industrial PC control, data acquisition and processing. We offer offshore outsourcing IT development as well.

Marketing policy

The special attention is paid to marketing policy and self-positioning at IPC market in the specific conditions of Ukraine (huge industrial potential, low level of automation and obsoleteness of most of existent control systems, certain resource of high-skilled hi-tech specialists).

We cooperate with leaders and innovators of metallurgy, machine-building, transportation, with key high-scools of Ukraine.

Our key marketing principles are:

- to offer the most effective «price/quality» solutions,

- to show clearly the comparison between our solution and traditional ones,

- to keep our customers and customers-to-be informed upon the new products and solutions actively (by meetings, direct emailing and posting) and passively (by updating our web-site info, advertising in printed and electronic media, participating in key industrial shows).

- to offer not simply « the best fitting module» but the complex solution of the customer's problem

- to keep our support free, fast, friendly and highly competent, based on the staff professionalism and on the support of our suppliers

- to offer the spectrum of auxiliary services – say, software installation, network upgrade, special applied software development, post-warranty repair and maintenance support etc.

- to keep friendly and successful cooperation with our customers in Ukraine and our suppliers abroad. We are proud of these good relations of confidence and understanding which lead us to the mutual benefit.


We are sure that good friends in business worth much more than single slice in profit.